Women’s Bible studies: All starting at 7pm

Tuesday- Led by Paige Smith and Jessica Welham in Founders residence first floor lounge
Wednesday- Led by Marie Vetro and Jessie Peck at 732 Algonquin
Thursday- Led by Sarah Childs and Jessica Dowless at 249 Leonard, off of Champlain

Men’s Bible studies: All starting at 7:07pm

Tuesday -Clayton Pajot and Ian Cameron will lead a study at 12 Oakdale
Wednesday- David Jones and Caleb McCarty will lead a study at 388 Champlain

Co-Ed Bible studies: All starting at 7pm

Monday - Andrew Robinson, Ashley Allan and Emily Oldrieve at Bethel Gospel Chapel (1710 O’Brien St.)
Wednesday- Teacher's College Study led by Grace Kennedy and Harley Saunders at the Treehouse lounge on Campus

The event this Friday will be a BEACH NIGHT! at the main waterfront beach, we will meet near the playground. Come out @ 6:30 for some fun games (lard ball, frisbee, sand castle building, grounder, etc.) and hang outs! Please bring/wear clothes that you don’t mind getting wrecked and also some warmer clothes for later as it gets cold. Feel free to bring some instruments (guitars, drums, tin cans...) for a jam and worship session. When it gets dark, the First Ladies have invited us all back to their house (330 First Ave. East) for hot drinks and munchies. Please bring some baking or snacks to share with the group.

Applications for Fall 2012

We are now accepting applications for the fall term. Details on the housing page.


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